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Adelaide's Best Moving Tips


acking is an essential part of any move. Packing correctly will minimize the risk of damages to both furniture and goods in boxes. Learning how to pack may save you hundred or thousands of dollars. If you are packing, you own boxes and unsure they will make it. We suggest you take out your own ALL RISK INSURANCE.

Local Adelaide Moving Preperations

1. Line the bottom of each carton with crushed paper to create a cushioning layer to depth of 5 Cm's. Repeat this at the top of each carton.
2. All empty spaces should be filled with crushed paper to avoid unnecessary movement.
3. Stow heavy items on the bottom and lightest on the top.
4. Bundle like items, eg: plates by wrapping the individually, then group together in bundles no more than six.
5. When placing bundles in cartons, remember the long side is the strong side, keeping all items vertical.
6. Pack like items together, avoid packing glassware with china etc.
7. Pack books into book and wine cartons placing bundles on their edge. For additional packing tips or answers to your questions please contact our office.

Saving Money When Moving

1. Disassemble any beds, swings, trampolines or items that cannot be moved without being taken apart.
2. Defrost your fridge and or freezer and have emptied and dry ready for collection.
3. Unplug and secure all leads to electrical appliances.
4. Centralize smaller items into a central location eg: carport or living area
5. Bundle garden tools, mops and brooms to minimize the number of journeys the men will need to make to the vehicle.
6. Separate any items that you do not require moved and position them away from those being moved by our staff.
7. Label packed items as to which room they should be placed on delivery.

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